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Innovative and Creative Research & Development strategy is our essential ingredient for leading cosmetic manufacturing. Our excellent product knowledge and unrestrained creativity, obtained through gathering all scientific information regarding raw materials & their effectiveness, the new cosmetics & beauty trends and using the latest methods and process allow us to develop revolutionary, new products and improving current existing formulas.


Industry Leaders Since 1981

Highest testing standards

Vigorous testing & trials are conducted to many actives & ingredient interactions to ensure the safety, efficacy & stability of all formulas by our laboratories, which have the highest testing standards and accreditation.

Smooth sampling request

Our state –of-the art laboratory is onsite equipped with the latest equipment & having full time chemists. All information regarding material safety data sheets, raw material technical data & clinical trials data is provided through our suppliers & our strong relationship with their laboratories

Utilizing latest technologies

Product samples are easily request through our website, shared with our clients for assessment in all product development stages and customized based on client’s recommendations

Latest trends in formulas

We believe in keeping your product ahead of competition. Therefore, our chemists are always aware with trend updates & new formulas to ensure your next formula is ahead of the market.

Our ability to develop & manufacture top quality products arises from our continous investment in our factory, labs & facilities

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