Private Labeling

Develop your own beauty products

Private Labeling

Private labeling is about your vision, your goals & your brand. We make it possible to easily create your bench-marked or original product. Our trained brand & sales experts will ensure your goals are effectively reached & craft your product line with care.


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The selection

The most important step in private label process is product selection, that’s why at ECC we do help you out with your choice according to our updated market trend analysis & our strategic markets.

The packaging

Backed up with our onsite showroom delivering plenty of packaging options, we aim is to match your brand with the most suitable packaging to maintain your brand image.

The Brand

Now your products & packaging options are chosen. Our focus goes to creating a unique identity & pack for your brand. Our graphic design department would start in supplying you with several packs designs that match your identity to create harmony among your portfolio & strengthen your brand range.

The marketing

Our job doesn’t end by delivering your product, packaging & design, still our support extends to market your brand & achieve desirable sales, and our professional marketing team in the field of personal & beauty care would guide you through this market to attain your strategic goals.

Our ability to develop & manufacture top quality products arises from our continous investment in our factory, labs & facilities

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