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Develop your own beauty products

Toll manufacturing services

Our manufacturing process provides you excellent service, quality product development and cost-effective project management to create your own cosmetics. We aim to grow together with our customers in order to stay in sync with the fast evolution of the cosmetic market.


Industry Leaders Since 1981

The power of experience

Our expertise in the personal care and beauty industry empower innovative, market-ready and counseling solutions.

Continous R&D

We are constantly involved in research and development to find better formulas and higher quality ingredients to improve product quality.

State of the art facilities

Using the latest technologies, offering comprehensive quality assurance testing, project development and contract manufacturing solutions based on our customers’ needs in state-of-the-art production and manufacturing facilities

Full compliance with regulations

all our facilities are continuously implementing GMP and in full compliance with Egyptian MOH.

Our ability to develop & manufacture top quality products arises from our continous investment in our factory, labs & facilities

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Block 12H 1st Industrial Zone, Gamasa

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