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Our factory capabilities are equipped for innovation, automation and smart-factory technologies to run a smooth and safe supply chain.

Factory Size:  Two joint factories in the same place, each factory is built on 1000m2 land with total building area per each 700 m2

Location: 181 Km away from Cairo in Gamasa-First Industrial Zone

Production plant: Two production buildings, 4 floors, total workshop area 6,000 m2

Warehouses: Total Warehouses are 7000 m square, the warehouse areas are separated for different storage purposes, Raw materials and product bulk storage warehouse, packaging materials storage warehouse & finished goods storage warehouse. 

Our warehouse is also managed with a fool-proof bar code system, which is approval output that controlled through our ERP system

Our operation capabilities including:

  • Mixers for higher viscosity products
  • Variety of jacketed stainless mix tanks (Tanks of 1000 Gal. /Tanks of 750 Gal. /Tanks of 500 Gal. /Tanks of 300 Gal. /Tanks of 150 Gal.) and recirculating water chilling system 
  • Two reverse osmosis softening, water purification and filtering system units

Our constant attention is directed to Good Manufacturing Practices & conformity throughout the manufacturing process. Products, ingredients, equipment, facilities & processing are compliant with cGMP & COLIPA European.

To keep pace with the competitive market, we continuously shift our workshops from man-power driven to full-automation by investing every year on modern equipment

Big Data Analysis

We believe in smart manufacturing. For this reason we use data collected with smart integration. Glad of providing more holistic value and better connectivity between the human capital and production line.

Thinking on a sustainable and strong future, we use big data to compile, store, organize, and analyze many of our in-house processes. Gaining a more clear insight, minimizing the risk of downtime, providing control and data visibility across the entire supply chain.  In conclusion, our data collection is our best partner to streamline and manage all kind of situations in real time.

Production Process

ECC production process is divided in 5 critical stages. From acceptance of raw material to shipping and delivery we assure a high quality & smooth manufacturing. Every stage is managed under standard procedures and quality supervision, our quality standards are the highest which warranty a product that is manufactured, packed and delivered as per the latest standards.

1. Acceptance of raw materials and packaging:

  • Materials order checklist
  • Raw material disinfection and temperature controlling
  • Generated Inspection sheet in the system, afterwards it’s passed to Quality Control Team
  • Internal identification via our bar code system
  • Weighing system to weigh raw material one by one, re-check weighing raw materials
  • System alarms for suspension of work, in case weighing materials are found being different from the work order

2. Micro-organism Screenings and Inspection

  • Inspecting raw materials’ colors, scents and textures of the materials
  • Micro-organism screenings for contamination detection
  • Water content test, Viscosity test, Vibration test

3. Mixing and filling

  • Once materials are measured, the bar code system will confirm the materials
  • After confirmed, the materials will be mixed and distributed in the relevant manufacturing machines
  • Manufacturing process includes dissolution, charging, cooling, filtering
  • Formulations will be filled in the packaging

4. Appearance testing and inspection of semi-finished and finished products

  • Inspection of semi -finished and finished products for their colors, textures and scents in the same way our customers would inspect them
  • Shelf life testing of finished products

5. Shipment

  • Products that passed all the tests and screenings would be passed on to the warehouse
  • All production process products that are check-listed in our automated system would be shipped to our customers


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