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Research & Development strategy is our essential ingredient for high quality cosmetic manufacture. We have the latest equipment, complying and certifications.  Helping us to create better formulations, packages and keeping us ahead of the competition.

All our private and commercial laboratories have the highest testing standards. Through this accreditation we can demonstrate that our laboratory is equipped with the right facilities. We can carry out testing with a properly designed laboratory for any of your products. Also, our R&D strategy assures that our lab technicians are qualified and trained to perform tests with good accuracy and consistence

Our main areas of research with accordance to marketing include analyzing trending sitters for color cosmetics as well as complexion & hair care. As well, analyzing raw materials that helps the prevention of skin pigmentation, photo aging and inflammation. We strive to help brands create products with authenticity, and also build products that maintain and improve skin & hair health. For instance, our team has the right experience on developing natural or medical-grade cosmeceutical products.

The Set Up

Our sample preparation facilities include: manual and automatic homogenizers with customized speeds, blenders equipped with the latest testing instruments for Quality Specification procedures, such as viscometer, pH meter, spectrophotometer, etc.

Also, our Formulation Stability and Emulsion Phase Studies facilities includes centrifuge, inverted microscope, ovens and programmable temperature cycling chambers.  R&D strategy for personal care and beauty manufacture is one of our highest and most valued core competences, we do strong work to keep updated on the last complying and certifications. 


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