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We Produce Quality: A product manufactured in ECC is more than a mix of carefully measured ingredients. It is the result of high-quality standard, highly specialized teams and high-end machinery. ECC has always given priority to quality and compliance management as guarantee the highest level of quality standards is our Company’s backbone.

We Lead With Quality: Quality control is our main part of the Quality and Compliance management. Our highly qualified Quality Control Microbiology and Analytical laboratories monitor the entire production cycle, starting from the sampling and controls of incoming materials, verifying the compliance of the Intermediates and semi-finished products and carrying on “In-Process” Controls and compliance tests on the finished products.

We Think Quality: The quality systems implemented provide the maximum traceability of processes in order to achieve full customer satisfaction and be more competitive at both local and regional levels. ECC implements and improves the quality management systems and assures all the processes in the factory are verified, validated and complying with the most recent accreditation and certifications. 

We Sustain and Ensure Quality is Main: We always value our CUSTOMERS by providing them premium quality, which made us the most preferred and trusted company among our competitors. The factory’s skilled quality Assurance department and qualified Quality Control team are constantly supervising and controlling our production process, to provide and assure the best client service. Quality embraces all spheres of ECC factory’s activity. 

We Are Certified: Our Factory has passed many inspections by some of the world’s top multinational manufacturers as well as local manufactures, in addition to Ministry of health and local regulatory authorities. We certified for ISO 9001, ISO 22716, ISO 14001& OHSAS.


ECC logo Industrys leading developer & manufacturer of scientifically proven, state-of-the-art technologies addressing skin & hair care products.