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The Beauty & Personal Care products portfolio consists of a unique and comprehensive range of organic and silicone-based specialties designed as raw materials for personal care products and active ingredients for the protection of skin, body and hair. We care about standards and effective planning. This part of our line chain is critical to the overall performance of any outstanding beauty & personal care manufacture to deliver the right product with the right formulation.

Helping partners and small business to grow in a healthy and prosperous way we invest on raw material. A considerable sum of development is placed on supplying raw material orders directly. Always ensuring that the right materials are received in the right quantities, to the right location, and at the right time. In other words always looking forward to a smooth production process. 

ECC does constant raw material management review. Scooping our suppliers as their promptitude and quality determine the value of each item. In order to supply you with the higher quality raw materials, ourselves proactive by applying diverse solutions. As consequence, keeping close eyes to activity levels, turnover and profit of how each cosmetic sell on the market. After that we can know what materials are on trend and what might our customer request in the future.

For instance, our QR and smart Raw Material placing allow us to receive, place and pick the right material with no human error. In this sense, you can assure the mix and creation of your formula is safe. Also, we collect raw materials that are safe and we are really careful while doing products that require dangerous materials for the formula or the skin. Last, we source specific raw material from different partners, from No GMO, Vegan, Natural, Organic, Colors, Active Ingredients and more

ECC’s Supply chain team is your great morale booster for international shipping, planning, warehousing & logistics needs. At competitive rates, our efficient staff will provide you with reliable, transparent, and personalized service, covering every detail of shipping your goods around the world. With over years of experience as a freight forwarder, ECC aligns your goals with the best solutions for any obstacles that may arise with your imports or exports so you can focus on what you do best, building your business.

The demands within the chemical industry are extreme, that’s why ECC is dealing with a distinctive range of chemical suppliers in the beauty & personal care industry, starting from excipients, solvents, emulsifiers, active ingredients, etc. and all are of outstanding qualities.

These suppliers deliver us with solutions that can yield better consumers outcomes today and sustainable solutions for tomorrow

 We create and develop solid and sustainable relationships with those suppliers around the world, based on trust, mutual interest and high standards.


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