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Human Capital ECC first asset is human capital. Our manufacture is filled with teamwork, individual capabilities, personal input and strong trend concepts. Our R&D team is formed by over 10 highly trained specialists. Each one of our members is prepared and trained on personal care & cosmetic manufacture area. Therefore, the majority of them holds a master degrees in biology, chemistry, and chemical engineering. Our facility is well equipped to produce high standard beauty & personal care products.

Each one of our professionals is prepared on providing full service on the developing of in house products. As core values we promote to have fun while doing cosmeceutical, respect as a team and as a partner, break limits finding solutions, learning by improvements and be a role model inside and out of our company. These values are always kipping us together. At our headquarter we have a strong BD team following the fundamentals to create new deals, help customers and do all improvements in our digital presence.

Moreover, we have a Design Team in charge of all topics related to creating design and packaging for each brand and formula. Similarly, our team is focused in everything that involves development of formulation, testing and compliance for products.

We have a complete design team constantly innovating. Which includes research of designs, packaging trends, new ideas and pitching to customers for seasonal products.

We guide brands and new businesses in the beauty field giving an added value in terms of colors, shapes, packaging design Our trend research teams track market trends closely and analyze it. We grasp consumer’s behavior and habits to make better packaging and cosmetics. Our research department is specialist in skin care and hair care. Working on studying and assessing the trend and quality of raw materials being used in all products. Also, continually developing new basic)


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