Is dry brushing worth the hype?

Is dry  brushing worth the hype?

You probably heard about dry brushing lately, came across some pictures of the brush itself or even had it as a treatment at your favorite spa. So, Let’s find out more about it and check whether it is worth introducing to your self-care routine.

The concept is as simple as it may sound; dry brushing is actually brushing your body without using water, just like brushing your hair. And fortunately, it’s very easy to be done at home with only using a body brush that will not cost you much. 



    Reducing cellulite

    Smoother and softer skin

    Encouraging blood circulation 

How to use:

    Before shower without using any water, work with the brush towards the heart from bottom (feet) and move upwards.

    As for the stomach, it is recommended to move in curricular motions.

    Treat each area of your body with 3 to 5 minutes of brushing.

    After finishing, shower as usual and don’t forget to moisturize generously after showering.

Tips for usage:

    Watch out of it is irritates the skin.

    You can add some oil while brushing for smoother usage.

    Make sure you deep moisturized your body to avoid any irritations. 

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